What is Assisted Living?

There are various types of investments in the seniors housing industry for future operators. With different types of investments come different types of care provided at the facility.

In the industry, assisted living fits into a definitive space and is a great choice for operators searching for their next seniors housing investment.


Locating Assisted Living Facilities in the Industry

There are four main categories of seniors housing facilities: independent living, skilled nursing, memory care, and assisted living facilities.

Independent living facilities are for senior residents who require little to no additional care or daily assistance. Generally, seniors live in their own unit within the facility at a lower cost. There is little medical assistance but usually receive various perks such as housekeeping, planned activities, and prepared meal service.

Skilled nursing facilities fall on the other end of the seniors housing spectrum. These are designed for patients who require a higher level of specialized medical care. In other words, skilled nursing facilities are one step below hospitals.

Between independent living and skilled nursing facilities are assisted living and memory care.

In memory care facilities, the priority is to keep residents safe. Facilities include egress doors that will only open with 15 seconds of pressure to protect seniors from wandering. This is especially key for residents with developing Alzheimer’s or dementia. There are numerous safety measures in these facilities to minimize hazard and accidents, as facility protocols ensure immediate help, relief, and safety.

Assisted living facilities are for residents who need a moderate level of assistance in their daily life. These facilities are prepared with a plethora of resources to help elevate the seniors’ quality of life.


Assisted Living Facility Services

The services provided by assisted living facilities are a huge part of why we see so many seniors thriving within these communities.

Seniors receive:

  • Assistance with medication
  • Nutritional prepared and served meals
  • 24-hour care and monitoring
  • Transportation if needed
  • Incontinence care if needed
  • Help with daily activities
  • Planned social activities


Assisted Living Facilities Promote a Better Quality of Life

Seniors can be in their best health because of 24-hour staff care. These staff members usually deal with the seniors’ everyday chores so that they may enjoy their life to the fullest.

Seniors also experience a great sense of community within the facility, as they are encouraged to remain active and social with other residents. This encouragement leads to great benefits for their mental and emotional health.


Buying an Assisted Living Facility

If you are interested in entering the seniors housing industry, purchasing an assisted living facility is an excellent choice. The demand increases along with the population of seniors, which grows every day. However, obtaining this type of facility is complicated and can be a lengthy process.

You must have extensive knowledge and experience when going through the process of acquiring a facility. Therefore, it is advised that investments specialists are consulted to protect buyers from making uninformed decisions.


Work with The Stahler Group’s Investment Specialists

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