Comprehensive Services

The Knapp-Stahler Group provides a high level of service for our clients by offering expert resources, specialized services and absolute confidentiality. To date, we have successfully assisted our clients with over 3+ billion dollars in sales and lending transactions.


Achieving superior results requires understanding current market conditions and anticipating future trends.
Our National Research Department is leading source for information.


Using our proprietary benchmarking software and data, we are able to compare your facility’s income and expenses against local and national averages to help pinpoint areas of improvement. 


We will create a customized and confidential marketing plan for your community that results in multiple offers from qualified buyers, and provides seamless transaction velocity, and timely closing. 

Property Strategies

Our unparalleled knowledge of the market with a keen eye for recognizing hidden value allows us to develop innovative and individualized exit strategies. Whether you are considering a future sale of your business or simply curious about what it may currently be worth, we will provide an accurate and honest valuation pertinent to today’s market. 



Are you looking to purchase property and increase your market presence? Knapp-Stahler Group preferred buyers have exclusive access to our assisted living, independent living, memory care, nursing home, and CCRC listings.


We offer a variety of advisory and consulting services that provide strategically-sound advice in order to maximize both your short and long term investment and business development objectives.

Industry Networking

Our national database of seniors housing industry experts allows us to help you connect with an owner, operator, or third party advisor that can help your business reach its full potential.

The Process


Thorough and complete underwriting is an imperative step in our process. Our team includes a veteran seniors housing and healthcare appraiser and market analyst as well as a seasoned HUD-certified underwriter. This allows us to provide our clients with a sound analysis and market-based approach to our opinions of value and marketing strategy. Allow us to analyze and underwrite one of your Seniors Healthcare assets and the difference will be evident immediately.



Our team has developed a marketing approach that is tailored to our client’s specific needs. If a targeted, highly selective marketing campaign, with preregistered prospects, would best suits your needs, that is what we will do. If a large, mass-marketing campaign will be most effective, that is what we will do. We have the ability to run the marketing campaign that will maximize your proceeds while adhering to strict confidentiality and all other conditions of the transaction.


Another significant differentiator for our team is the use of Marcus & Millichap’s proprietary data hosting service, Liaison. We electronically send, review and execute CA’s with potential buyers and track all of the activity within the data room. Activities such as who accessed, when they accessed and what they viewed and downloaded. This system also allows us to keep pre-negotiated CA’s on file with all the major players in the industry, further streamlining the process and allowing for perfect execution.


Once we have executed the customized marketing campaign, our team moves into closing mode. We will advise throughout the bid selection process, ensuring the vetting process of the buyers with the highest probability of closing. Once a bid is selected, our extensive experience in the industry affords us the ability to advise on business points prior to negotiating the formal agreements pertinent to the transaction. Once formal agreements are executed and escrow opened, our proprietary data hosting service, Liaison, is utilized to track progress throughout the due diligence process.


Every seller’s favorite part of the transaction is closing day. The Knapp-Stahler Group is with our clients every single step of the way from the moment we are engaged in the disposition discussion to the closing of the transaction. We are always available to manage hurdles and usher the transaction to a successful closing.