Becoming an Owner in the Seniors Housing Market

At this moment, the seniors housing industry is a growing land of opportunity. Operators and administrators in the industry are beginning to see the potential to move into the ownership level of the nursing facilities and assisted living communities. The constant demand for these facilities is an attractive incentive to make such a move.

The market is seeing an increase in companies being formed by former operators, in an attempt to own a business similar to the ones that they have managed and operated in the past. This shift has created highly successful seniors housing investments because of the quality of facilities now owned by people with experience in all areas.

Becoming an owner can be an extensive task for anyone just getting into the seniors housing and assisted living markets. The same can be said for anyone with experience in the field, such as a regional operator who is responsible for running multiple facilities at a time. The idea of becoming an owner can be executed by working with experts from The Stahler Group who will help you create and manage your portfolio.

Extensive Research and Planning

Operators of skilled nursing facilities looking to transition into owners will find that having a reputable resume and track record is very important. A key factor in attracting investors, lenders, and other important figures is being able to prove that your time as an operator was productive and profitable.

Having an educated list of possible acquisitions can be helpful in the beginning phases of ownership. You can find the right facility that is currently for sale by predetermining what category of facilities you are interested in. You will also have to understand what type of capital is involved in the transaction of a specific acquisition and how to find it.

Build Strong Relationships and Find Capital

Most new companies will incur overhead expenses, thus requiring capital to start. The beginning phase of ownership will produce little profit for crucial items such as office space, employees, equipment, and other miscellaneous items. During this time, it is important to find funds for these items, as well as the capital for the acquisition itself.

A significant amount of resources will be needed for operators looking to include 10 or more assisted living or skilled nursing properties to their investment portfolio. Working with The Stahler Group will give you access to a large network of professional relationships that we have built over time. We can pair our clients with the investor who has the most potential to be a source of income. This is the time to engage a carefully planned pitch supported by an impressive resume.

Owners in the market for one senior living investment will not need to go through a routine similar to one for numerous acquisitions. Small Business Association loans are an example of several debt options that will assist owners in funding your senior living investment.

Experienced operators can decide on using the connections they have made or choose from one of our many resources in the senior living investment community.

The right investment specialist group can help operators progress to owners with little effort. A clean track record is all investment specialists need to successfully generate a transaction for you. Finding the right investors, creating managerial contracts, and locating the most relevant, assisted living facilities for sale are also services that can be offered by brokers.

You Can Rely on The Stahler Group for Results

The Stahler Group has a combined 40 years of experience in the seniors housing investment industry and is accountable for the successful transactions of billions of dollars and many profitable owners. Our reputation is backed by our abilities to provide expert services to all clients looking to invest in seniors housing facilities. We will provide you with a quality valuation at no cost when contacting us today.