Choosing the Appropriate Seniors Housing Brokerage TeamWith seniors housing growing to the forefront of the real estate industry, everyone wants to get involved. Seniors housing brokerages are a critical link between the buyers and sellers, and other essential resources within the industry.

Many new seniors housing brokerages that are entering the industry now claim to be experts in obtaining transactions. Though they might be correct when it comes to a million-dollar transaction, you must determine the appropriate seniors housing brokerage for you based on the quality of guidance that they have to offer throughout the process.


Real Investment Specialists, Real Experience

In today’s market, a few years’ real estate experience is simply not enough to be an expert in the industry. The seniors housing industry requires more skill and expertise than ever. Investment specialists must be extremely familiar with the ins and outs of the seniors housing industry, how it is evolving, and how this specifically relates to your deal.

The investment specialists with The Stahler Group have worked in the seniors housing industry at the facility level and have in-depth operational knowledge. Team lead Nick Stahler has been an administrator for various assisted living facilities in California. Because of this firsthand experience, his team can inform you about the best practices for making positive improvements within your seniors housing investments.


The Finest Investment Specialists Have a Plan

As the seniors housing industry evolves, so must the most successful broker. Whether you are a buyer or a seller in the industry, you will need specialists who have more than just one detailed plan to offer to make the most out of your investments. The more plans you have available to you, the more possible it will be to stay within the parameters of your preferences.

The Stahler Group has numerous resources available for you to get the most out of your seniors housing investments. Our investment specialists have:

  • Exclusive lists of qualified and pre-approved buyers & sellers
  • Excellent tactics for both targeted and mass marketing campaigns
  • An extensive network of attorneys, trusted vendors, and various other service providers
  • Complimentary broker opinions of value (BOV) or in-depth facility valuations
  • Over 40 years of combined experience in investment sales, lending, appraisals, market analysis, distressed disposition sales, and underwriting
  • Hands-on experience in assisted living and skilled nursing facilities on an operational level
  • A reliable track record for seniors housing investment success

Whether you are buying or selling senior healthcare properties, the investment specialists with The Stahler Group combine their wisdom and expertise to design the best deal for you.

The Stahler Group is the Right Seniors Housing Brokerage

With over 40 years of combined experience, The Stahler Group has proudly served the industry with steadfast dedication. Our team’s extensive knowledge and experience sets us apart from other seniors housing brokerages. We have successfully carried out all types of deals in the industry, including CCRCs, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and other healthcare properties.

Your investment could potentially be worth tens of millions of dollars. Before going forward with a plan, contact The Stahler Group to see what our experts can do for you.