New Opportunities in Seniors Housing

The seniors housing industry is full of new opportunities as we enter into the first quarter of 2017. Large operators are listing portions of their healthcare facilities for sale which is attracting small, regional operators to buy assisted living facilities and skilled nursing facilities.

Large providers like these often operate hundreds of facilities across the country. Because they have so many under their care, efficiency and competency within facility management can become a problem. Other operators often need to dispose of their assets when business models or plans change. Subsequently, portfolio management must keep pace with the dynamic seniors housing business.

The Midwest’s Large Collection of Assets

It is often that once operators experience success, they buy more healthcare properties to expand their portfolio. However, though this seems like the perfect next step, there comes a point where a large portfolio becomes complicated. Once this occurs, many operators are forced to list their care homes for sale and downsize their portfolios.

In the past few months, the amount of skilled nursing and assisted living facilities for sale in the Midwest has increased.

  • Kindred Healthcare revealed that they have plans to dispose of all its skilled nursing facilities
  • A West Coast/Midwest SNF operator listed all 66 of their facilities
  • Brookdale Senior Living, with over 1,000 locations, announced its plans to dispose of 200 assets

Finally, another national SNF operator may list 70 skilled nursing facilities for sale, though this news is unconfirmed.

The disposal of these assets is necessary for these large companies to protect their efficiencies and continue to compete in the seniors housing industry. Operators that manage over 100 facilities often cannot compete in the industry at a high level because, at some point, the quality of the care begins to decline.

Opportunities for Operators Looking for Growth

On the contrary, these larger operators disposing of their assets is a great opportunity for small to mid-level operators. This amount of assets available is unprecedented for the industry and opens the doors for prepared operators to make smart seniors housing investments.

There is a diverse selection of skilled nursing and assisted living facilities for sale. This inflow of assets is a great opportunity for operators to gain profitable facilities in the Midwest.

Currently, seniors housing valuations are showing strong numbers. This means it is a great time to purchase healthcare properties as a worthwhile seniors housing investment. The investment specialists at The Stahler Group can help guide you through the process and design deals that maximize your equity and returns.

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