Spring NIC Conference 2019 Recap

The Stahler Group traveled to San Diego, CA earlier this year for the regional seniors housing investors NIC conference held from February 20th to the 22nd. A quick two-hour commute down the coastline makes this location a favorite destination for the team. Attendees had a chance to witness the beautiful, yet unpredictable weather as it rained during the entire event.


The Stahler Group Sets a Personal Best Record 

Although the event was well-attended, the location and timing potentially hindered the attendance that is normally recorded for the NIC conference. Despite the lower numbers, The Stahler Group managed to set a record in two days by conducting close to 60 one-on-one interviews with seniors housing and assisted living investors interested in buying or selling their assisted and skilled nursing facilities. This is the only conference in the entire industry that can provide an opportunity to conduct a large number of meetings in such a short amount of time. Some of the major topics that were covered at the NIC had been carried over from the ASHA. Attendees walked away with new ideas and information at the end of the conference as well.


Understanding Recurring Issues in the Seniors Housing Industry

Labor shortages will be the largest issue that the industry will have to face in any economy. This is a very critical topic for operators looking to reach economic success. How can a labor shortage affect operations? When trying to gain leverage over the problem, operators must pick a solution from a limited amount of options while trying to avoid the risk of affecting resident rates. Increasing rates will hurt the industry that was already showing difficulties with its census in 2018. These struggles were caused by a national influx of supply to the seniors housing and skilled nursing industry.

Professionals agree that the Skilled Nursing sector has been rebounding from a decade of low census recordings more rapidly than the Assisted Living and Memory Care sectors. A lack of new supply in the Skilled Nursing market has allowed existing facilities to fill their beds with patients just now entering the market. The road to recovery will be a little longer for the Assisted Living and Memory Care markets as supply continues to grow across the nation.

Oversupply of Equity in the Seniors Housing Market

Investors looking to get in on the action will be happy to know that a surplus of equity within the marketplace has kept pricing high in spite of recent struggles over the last 12-18 months. Find out with this means for you by contacting The Stahler Group.


NIC Wrap Up

The Stahler Group is constantly looking for ways to strengthen our foundation in the Seniors Housing Investment world and this year’s NIC conference was a perfect opportunity to do so. It was a chance to share ideas with other professionals and expand our vast network of contacts. Our 40 years of combined experience in the Seniors Housing industry will be a valuable asset for your next investment. Contact us today to find out how we can customize your investment experience.